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Project Galileo

Explore Italian folklore

Project Galileo is a videogame soulslike AA+ conceived by Jyamma games for sophisticated hardcore gamers like you, enthusiastic to explore a never seen before Italian folklore. Our objective is to bring our rich past and culture to the fore in a new way that is appealing to the broader public.

Italy as you Have Never Seen Before

Project Galileo is a fantasy land that mirrors our Bel Paese - yet is different, there is an element of “magic” - if you will - which shaped its history across the ages. We aim to show our culture from a new perspective, in a way that international audiences can enjoy.

Italy as you Have Never Heard Before

The audio direction of the Galileo Project is intended to be a journey through different Italian soundscapes and musical traditions. Since Italy has a very unique natural environment, our main challenge is to portray the corresponding sound variety and make players feel like they are also exploring those landscapes by just closing their eyes and listening to the environments. This pursuit of natural details will have to contrast with the game's combat sound design, which will have to cut through these idyllic natural textures like a sharp blade.