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Project Galileo

Official Teaser (TGS 2021)

The news on Project Galileo at the Tokyo Game Show: presented the teaser with the voice of Luca Ward, the new key art and collaborations with important international professionals.

“You'll be my last verse”

Jyamma Games has unveiled the first key art, the teaser and the collaborations with internationally renowned professionals for the development of the Souls-Like made in Italy. The narrating voice was entrusted to Luca Ward, actor, director of the Italian dubbing and voice actor of Russel Crowe.

Tokyo Game Show 2021

Turning point for Project Galileo, the Souls-Like set in Italy produced and developed by Jyamma Games who uncovered its cards to the Tokyo Game Show audience by presenting the first teaser, key art and relevant collaborations.

Project Galielo x Sabaku No Maiku

To further refine the playability of Project Galileo, Jyamma Games has hired Michele Poggi, better known as Sabaku no Maiku, as the game's Souls Veteran QA: "I am very critical of the modus operandi that is used to communicate and create something. The work done by Jyamma Games gave me, in its pre-production, the evidence of an immense potential. A collaboration like this could be a precedent that is as unique as it is precious to say the least: Project Galileo has all it takes to create a great work."