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Project Galileo

Through Lost Landscapes

Immerse yourself into Italian cultural beauties and discover the lost landscapes of an ancient civilization. Play this unique experience that celebrates the “Bel Paese” in an immersive and aesthetic way.

Explore a dark folklore

Project Galileo is a videogame soulslike AA+ conceived by Jyamma games for sophisticated hardcore gamers like you, enthusiastic to explore a never seen before Italian folklore.

Fluid Motion

Project Galileo has magnificent animation and fluid motions thanks to the recorded gesture and actions with the motion capture technology. Discover the characterization given to the protagonist and the bosses.

Unleash the power of Unreal Engine

The research and development of the videogame were made on Unity engine, surpassing its limits, and now the team has started pre-production works of Project Galileo using Unreal Engine, by Epic Games, that ensures a graphic and quality upgrade