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Project Galileo

Through Lost Landscapes

Immerse yourself into Italian cultural beauties and discover the lost landscapes of an ancient civilization. Play this unique experience that celebrates the “Bel Paese” in an immersive and aesthetic way.

Explore a dark folklore

Project Galileo is a videogame soulslike AA+ conceived by Jyamma games for sophisticated hardcore gamers like you, enthusiastic to explore a never seen before Italian folklore.

Soulslike Gameplay

Just as the gameplay requires players to be active, to learn, to experiment, to explore, the narrative is a dynamic process, never following a straight line. Every gameplay feature helps to unwind the skein of the narration. For each mystery solved, another takes its place. This gives replayability, encourages free interpretations, and the forming of community around the game.

A narrative inspired by Italian culture

To make the narrative compelling, we follow a strict principle: narrative must be
beneficial to gameplay. Players spend their time learning the story of the world. No matter how entertaining it can
be, we have to return a gameplay advantage, whether it be an enemy weakness, the solution to a quest, a secret synergy between skill and equipment.